Office of the Executive VP

Office of the Executive Vice President

The Office of the Executive Vice President at Unity College works to establish a financially viable and nationally recognized brand through a commitment to sustainability science as the core of Unity College’s identity.

The mission of the Office of Executive Vice President is to establish a culture of student-centric and collaborative innovation that can thrive in a rapidly changing 21st century environment. By leading the College in strategic initiatives that deliver long-term financial sustainability and will drive policy, organizational change, technology and infrastructural reinforcement to effectively align resources with market opportunities and demands. 

The Office of Executive Vice President is strategically focused, entrepreneurial, addresses organizational change, and in financial and business planning, all within a framework of collaborative leadership; and is the strategic integration point between the human, technological, and financial resources of the college. Encompassing the departments of Development, Finance and Administration, Information Technology, Human Resources, Operations and Facilities Maintenance and Public Safety. The Office of the Executive Vice President leverages College-wide resources to develop, implement and evaluate short, mid and long-term strategic initiatives and opportunities.