Transdisciplinary study

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Geologists graduating from the Unity EES program are extensively trained to interpret the physical landscape, conduct a variety of field-oriented tasks and lab work, perform quantitative analyses on field data, and share the results of their work with outside audiences.

Unity College offers over 20 diverse and exciting areas of study with selected majors, minors, and certifications—all grounded in the liberal arts and sustainability science. Offering a graduate degree in Professional Science Fall 2016.

At the core of a Unity College education is our Environmental Citizen Curriculum. From here, you specialize in your chosen major.

Take a look at our major areas of study—including such engaging fields as Adventure Therapy and Captive Wildlife Care and Education. What inspires you? If you are still undecided, consider our Pathfinders program, designed to help you choose a major (and have a career goal) in your first year. Or take the environmental leader quiz, a fun way to match your interests with majors offered. 

To complement your major and enhance your learning goals, you may also select a minor area of study, such as ecology or zoology. This allows you to pursue other academic interests or center in on a sub-specialization for greater knowledge.

Combining science with organizational and communication skills, the Unity College M.S. of Professional Science will give you the training and credentials you need to advance in your career path. Taught 100% online, students who take a full course load can complete the degree requirements in as few as 12 months. With two degree tracks available: Natural Resource Management and Sustainability Science.

Unity College also offers a variety of outdoor-focused certifications for current students and staff, as well the broader Unity community. 

To learn more about our academic programs and discuss your areas of interest, contact Unity College Admissions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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