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The Unity College Pathfinders program helps find the right environmentally-based major and career path for undecided students.

Committed to work in an environmental field but aren't ready to commit to one career path? The Unity Pathfinders program helps undecided students sample career types and majors.

The Unity Pathfinders program helps you find the right career for you while making immediate progress toward any of Unity College’s 16 environmental majors.  As a Unity Pathfinder you will team up with Unity College’s career development specialists to take stock of your strengths, explore environmental career options, and plan your future.

Want to protect, grow, or rehabilitate animals, but not sure which?  Want to work in the field, lab, or classroom, but not sure where?  Like to research, write, take photos, fish, paddle, or lead people?  Maybe you want to do it all and aren’t quite ready to choose.  Unity Pathfinders helps you choose the right path for you. 

Program Highlights: 

How does the program work?

Unity career specialists work with students who know Unity College is "the right place for them," but who want to explore the majors before making a choice. They help take stock of your strengths, skills, interests, and lifestyle preferences, and get you exploring the many promising career options that get you outside, serve people and the environment, and provide you with the opportunity to live the way you want to live.  They help you plan for internships, certificates, workshops, and courses that get you the credentials you’ll need to do the job, live the life, and make the difference.

As a Unity Pathfinder you will complete skills inventories, participate in workshops, experience careers, take classes that count toward any major, meet Unity College alums who are professionals in various environmental fields, and plan your future.

If you are committed to work in an environmental field but aren’t ready to commit to one career path, Unity Pathfinders will help you find the way that is just right for you.

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