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Our transdisciplinary approach to learning takes place in a vibrant, supportive culture focused on the environment, community, and personal goals.

Unity College has an agreement with Husson University providing students an opportunity to accelerate progress towards two Master's degrees.

The Husson 4+1 Program

The College has an agreement with Husson University providing students an opportunity to accelerate progress towards a Master of Science in Business degree or Masters of Science in Criminal Justice Administration degree. Students earn the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science from Unity College. During their fourth year at Unity, the student would complete one undergraduate course with additional approved work in the fall term and one in the spring. Additionally, a six credit internship or course work is completed during the summer after the student graduates Unity and prior to the Fall semester at Husson. In the additional year, students take graduate course work through Husson University.

The two undergraduate courses with additional work at Unity College must be designated 4000 level courses. Students need to meet the general requirements in the 4000-level course and complete a project that represents beginning graduate level work. The specific project requirements will be established by the course instructor prior to the start of the course and will include at a minimum a research paper, presentation, or similar academic work.

Courses Approved for the MS in Business Management:

  • AS 4123 Sustainable Enterprise
  • AS 4333 Adminstration and Organization
  • AS 4403 Public Service Supervision
  • CH 4044 Environmental Chemistry
  • FY 4003 Small Woodlot Management
  • PL 4313 Economic and Quantitative Analysis of Environmental Policy
  • PR 4223 Park and Forest Resource Planning
  • SA 4014 Sustainable Agricultureal Project
  • WF 4013 Wildlife Conservation Capstone

Courses Approved for the MS in Criminal Justice Administration:

  • AS 4403 Public Service Supervision
  • CL 4403 CLE Supervision and Management
  • CL 4503 Conservation Law Enforcement Capstone
  • OS 4203 Research and Evaluation Methods in Social Science

Once students are conditionally accepted to one of the Husson University programs, a verification letter will be sent to the Registrar’s office at Unity College. The student will be notified when a letter is received. No course work toward the Husson University programs may begin until the student meets with the registrar.

If a student is interested in completing a master’s degree in this five year program, he or she will need to apply for admission to either the Husson University M.S. in Business program or the Criminal Justice Administration program in the second semester of his or her junior year.

The admissions requirements include: a completed application, two letters of recommendation and submission of transcript (with student consent) for all undergraduate course work completed to date.

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