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The donation of Half Moon Gardens has helped the College develop and model replicable solutions for environmental challenges, in addition to creating a marketplace presence to serve the community. Students learn invaluable business management and administrative skills necessary to operate a successful agricultural business.

The Graduate School Core for Biological Sciences is a set of courses that supplement programs in Wildlife Biology, Marine Biology, Biology, Captive Wildlife Care and Education, or Secondary Education and provide students with the foundations in physical sciences and math that are needed for entry and success into graduate school programs. 

Students should declare the core in the second semester of their sophomore year, or later, after demonstrating an ability to maintain a high enough cumulative grade point average (3.00) to make them competitive for graduate school. Once declared, students will now be given some priority for these courses that are not necessarily required for graduation with their major. 

The Graduate School Preparation Core for Biological Sciences 

CH 2324 Organic Chemistry 
CH 4034 Biochemistry 
MA 2333 Calculus I 
MA 3263 Biometry 
PS 2004 Physics: Mechanics and Energy 

At least one of the following: 

BI 3654 Microbiology 
BI 4243 Genetics and Molecular Biology 
CH 4044 Environmental Chemistry 
ES 3213 Applied Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 
GL 2033 Geology of Environmental Problems 
GL 3044 Surface and Groundwater Hydrology 
GL 4003 Global Change 
MA 3443 Calculus II 
PS 2014 Physics: Heat, Electricity and Magnetism 

Requirements for declaring the Graduate School Preparation Core: 

  • Student must have and maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 
  • Student must have earned a minimum of 45 credits 
  • Student must submit written confirmation of completion of the GRE Practice Test in Career Services.


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