Summer nova Trips

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Explore Maine in a unique way.  Visit local farms, catch a ride on a lobster boat, meet people of the Aroostook Band of Micmac, or discover the rugged coast of Maine.

On each trip you will:

•Explore Maine  while staying in the front country at parks or cabins
Explore the natural surroundings that support a diverse population of  wildlife including loons, bald eagles, coyote, beaver, otter and moose
Learn Leave No Trace principles, local ecology, and other various outdoor skills
Give back to the location by providing a service such as building bridges, maintaining trails, clearing campsites, building lean-tos and much more 

Aroostook Band of Micmac at Unity CollegeAroostook Band of Mi'kmaq (Micmac)

Dates: Aug 14 -18
Prior Experience Required: No
Exertion Level: Mild to moderate.
Experience a unique Nova trip where we will travel to the most northern part of Maine and meet the people of the Aroostook Band of Mi'kmaq. We will spend time understanding the culture and history of the Mi'kmaq, and meet and talk with the Elders. Activities that we will participate in include traditional ceremonies, crafts, and primitive skills. We will spend two to four hours daily helping with various service projects for the community such as gardening or setting up temporary shelters.  During our stay, we will camp in tents on the Micmac Tribal Land and learn outdoor cooking and living skills with the possibility of eating some traditional Micmac foods. (learn more about the Aroostook Band of Micmacs here).

Downeast Adventures at Unity CollegeCobscook Bay: Hiking, Yoga, and Meditation

Dates: July 24-28 (FULL) and Aug 21-25 (FULL)

Prior Experience Required:No
Exertion Level: Mild to moderate
Hike beautiful parks that are nestled in the heart of Downeast Maine, located in one of the most sought-after vacation regions in the state.  This trip will be divided into many adventures exploring lighthouses, sandy beaches, rugged shoreline, sea cliffs, reverse falls, and cobblestone beaches.  After this trip you will be able to say that you traveled to the farthest Eastern tip of the United States at Quoddy Head Lighthouse.  We will participate in “wilderness mediation” reconnecting to the wilderness and ourselves.  We will do this through Yoga and meditation including walking meditations, art, and movement.  Absolutely no experience required.


Island Community Living - Unity CollegeIsland Community Living

Dates: Aug 7-11 (FULL)
Prior Experience Required: No
Exertion Level: Mild to moderate.
Experience the intersection of recreation and conservation through a service-based field experience along Maine’s beautiful, rugged coastline. We’ll enjoy Maine’s rocky coastal waters and, salty air while volunteering with organizations that work to protect and preserve the beaches, coastal parks and trails that beckon folks from both near and far. Service experiences may include coastal trail work, island restoration, beach clean-up, and protection of ecologically fragile areas along the coastline. We’ll learn about the significance of these efforts and how they are being carried out through public, private and governmental activities. We will camp at two state parks, Camden Hills and Warren Island State Park.

Mainer Life - Unity CollegeMainer Life

Dates: July 17-21 (FULL), Aug 14-18, and Aug 21-25

Prior Experience Required: No
Exertion Level: Mild to moderate.
Explore Maine from the land to the sea. We will stay at a cabin located in scenic Downeast Maine. We will stay in a cottage which has full kitchen, living area, bathroom, and bedrooms. You will not be camping in a tent. During this trip, we will explore Maine public lands and historical sites. We will also walk the trails of Cutler Coast and Cobscook Bay, known for its beautiful coastline.

Sustainable Farming - Unity CollegeSustainable Farming

Dates: July 31- Aug 4 (FULL)
Prior Experience Required: No
Exertion Level: Mild to moderate.
Get local! Learn about Maine through our local farms, food, and community. During this trip, we will visit various farms to learn about the flourishing sustainable agriculture scene. Sites we may visit include, but are not limited to: the Unity College McKay Farm and Research Station, Maine Organic Farm and Garden Association, an organic dairy farm, an alpaca fiber farm, and even local farmers markets. We will spend time getting dirty at these farms as we help out with various service projects.


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