Summer Nova Trips

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Nova Canoe and Kayak trips.

Exploring Maine by canoe or kayak is an amazing experience.  

On each trip you will:

  • Paddle Maine’s most scenic lakes and rivers and camp at remote campsites
  • Explore the natural surroundings which support a diverse population of  wildlife including loons, bald eagles, coyote, beaver, otter and moose
  • Learn skills such as paddling strokes, maneuvers, rescues, orienteering, weather forecasting, and boat maintenance
  • Learn and practice Leave No Trace principles
  • Give back to the location by providing a service such as building bridges, maintaining trails, clearing campsites, building lean-tos and more
    Have the opportunity to fish. You must have a State of Maine fishing license and provide your own gear and artificial bait. For more information on purchasing a State of Maine fishing license, please click here.

Summer Nova trips are offered during the six weeks leading up to the start of the fall semester. The last session is open only to those students traveling from outside of New England (the New England states include Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut). These students may also opt to apply to a trip during any week of Nova if they choose to do so.

Downeast LakesDownEast Lakes: Primitive Skills/Kayaking

Dates: July 23-27 (Trip FULL!) & August 13-17 (Trip FULL!)
Prior Experience Required: No
Exertion Level: Moderate
The DownEast Lakes will serve as the scenic location for this trip.  Located in the eastern Maine these lakes are connected to a series of lakes, ponds, streams and wetlands.  This is not just a kayaking trip, we will focus on variety of primitive skills: including wilderness awareness, stalking, tracking, shelter building, and fire making and ways to keep yourself comfortable in the wilderness.

Maine NorthwoodsMaine Northwoods: Hiking/Rafting

Dates: Aug 13-17 (TRIP FULL!)
Prior Experience Required: No
Exertion Level: Moderate
Travel to the remote and wild Northwoods.  The North Woods of Maine is owned by private, non-profit and governmental agencies.  This lands spans more than 3.5 million acres.  We will take a step back in history and explore some forgotten places tucked away in these woods.  On this trip, we will may the opportunity to white water rafting, explore abandoned trains, hike into ice caves, and explore towering waterfalls.   Bring your fishing pole we may have the chance to throw a line in.

Moose RiverMoose River – Bow Loop: Canoeing

Dates: July 23-27 & August 13-17 (TRIP FULL!) & August 20-24 (TRIP FULL)
Prior Experience Required: Yes
Exertion Level: Moderate to Strenuous
The Moose River is part of the Holeb's Public Reserve Land in a remote wilderness located in western Maine. The Moose River Bow Loop is a 34-mile canoe loop encompassing Holeb Pond, Attean Pond and the Moose River. We will paddle in open water to Class I-II rapids. There are two major portages on this canoe trek with one being 1.25 miles. The group must be able to carry food, water, canoes and paddles over the portages. Canoeing, swimming, wildlife watching, and fishing are among the many other exciting opportunities this trip offers.

Moosehead LakeMoosehead Lake: Kayaking/Hiking

Dates: July 16-20 & July 30-August 3 (TRIP FULL!)
Prior Experience Required: Yes
Exertion Level: Moderate to Strenuous
Explore the largest lake in the Northeast!  Moosehead Lake is surrounded by scenic mountain ranges and forested wilderness, and scattered with islands, coves and peninsulas that make for a spectacular paddling trip. Students will be given instruction on and off the water to get them oriented to the kayaks and to learn self-rescue, paddling technique and how to manage kayaks in the wind and waves.  Once everyone feels comfortable, we will explore the northern regions of this lake.

St. Croix RiverSt. Croix River: Canoeing and Swift Water Techniques

Dates: July 16-20 & August 6-10 & August 20-24
Prior Experience Required: Yes
Exertion Level: Moderate
The St. Croix River is a beautiful scenic waterway that runs along the border of Maine and New Brunswick, Canada. We will start in the small border town of Vanceboro, Maine and take out at Grand Falls 34 miles later. We will be paddling through many rapids class I-III where we will hone our paddling skills.  We will spend time at Little Falls practicing Swift Water Rescue techniques.  Photo Identification (driver's license or passport) is required for this trip.

Thoreau TrailThoreau-Wabanaki Trail: Canoeing/Fly Fishing

Dates: August 6-10 & August 20-24
Prior Experience Required: Yes
Exertion Level: Moderate to Strenuous

Henry David Thoreau, in late 1800s, made many trips to Maine each following ancient Wabanaki canoe routes.  These are the routes that this Nova trip will travel down.  We will follow a section of the Thoreau-Wabanaki Trail from the Upper West Branch of the Penobscot River to Chesuncook Lake .  The forest lines the calm river.   We will be deep within the wilderness and wildlife will be plentiful. We will travel many miles by canoe without portaging.  The staff will take the time to teach fly fishing.  Bring your own rod or we will have plenty to borrow.

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