Captive Wildlife Care

B.S. in Captive Wildlife Care and Education

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B.S. in Captive Wildlife Care and Education
Bachelor of Science
Captive Wildlife Care and Education at Unity College

This comprehensive program is designed for students interested in careers related to the care and husbandry of wild species in captivity and education of the public concerning conservation issues. Throughout their education, students are encouraged to use critical thinking skills and develop problem-solving skills to apply to real-world situations.  Captive Wildlife Care and Education students earn a Bachelor of Science degree and go on to make a difference in many areas of wildlife care. 

Hands-On Experience

We do everything we can to prepare our students for their future careers. We believe a large part of this preparation should include hands-on learning and practice. Students in the Captive Wildlife Care and Education program get to work closely with species they will encounter after graduation. 

A Well-Rounded Education

Like all of our programs, students in this emphasis receive a well-rounded education from a liberal arts core in addition to basic to advanced sciences. These Students receive a solid foundation in the biological sciences, animal studies, specialized courses related to wild animal husbandry and management, and classes that develop educational and interpretive techniques.

Career Opportunities

There are many career opportunities for graduates in this program. Many zoos, aquariums, rehabilitation centers, and wildlife education facilities look for graduates in this area of study.