Conservation Law Enforcement

B.S. in Conservation Law Enforcement

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B.S. in Conservation Law Enforcement
Bachelor of Science
Conservation Law at Unity College

Conservation Law Enforcement prepares students for a comprehensive understanding of fields related to resource and environmental protection. Building on a broad base of law enforcement knowledge, students learn the importance of integrating science and law into their theoretical and practical views concerning conservation of our natural resources. 

Active classroom and laboratory experiences focus on exciting topics like wildlife management techniques, marine and wildlife law, crime scene investigation, biology and fisheries sciences. Our students gain distinct advantages from our carefully designed courses, which are structured to prepare them for careers in conservation and environmental and marine law enforcement. 

Successful students are employable in agencies dedicated to enforcing conservation and environmental laws at the federal, state, and local level. Opportunities include positions as game wardens, natural resource officers, marine patrol officers, harbormasters, and environmental protection officers.