Environmental Policy

B.S. in Environmental Policy, Law, and Society

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B.S. in Environmental Policy, Law, and Society
Bachelor of Science
Unity College Environmental Policy Law and Society Sustainability Science

The Environmental Policy, Law, and Society program is designed to give students tools and knowledge needed to improve the environmental health of both humans and the natural world through wise governmental and non-governmental decision-making. Studies in law, science, social science, environmental ethics, and history provide an interdisciplinary framework for understanding and analyzing the broad range of factors that play a role in environmental policy formation. The program partners with environmental and conservation agencies, non-profits, and green enterprise, to model, as well as train students in, the practical application of concepts and methods for civic engagement and policy decision-making. Due to economic and environmental challenges, employment opportunities in environmental policy and law are expected to increase in the near future in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.