Wildlife Management

B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Management

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B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Management
Bachelor of Science
Unity College Wildlife Fisheries and Management Sustainability Science

This Wildlife and Fisheries Management Program builds from the core Unity Environmental Stewardship Curriculum, providing a broad interdisciplinary knowledge base for environmental leaders, integrates quantitative skills with social sciences and communications, and develops student ethics and dispositions to become professional leaders for wildlife and fisheries conservation. Graduates will have mastered knowledge of ecological and biological principles that underpin the disciplines of wildlife and fisheries management. This knowledge base develops from coursework in population and community ecology, population assessment, habitat assessment, and resource modeling. In addition, all wildlife and fisheries majors will have experiential learning in the techniques and practices of wildlife and fisheries management and will be familiar with the concepts that underlie manipulations of wild populations and their environment to maintain these sustainable resources. Students then choose between the concentrated studies in their chosen management discipline: wildlife or fisheries. Graduates of these programs are qualified for entry into the wildlife and fisheries professions as field biologists or technicians. The fisheries concentration allows graduates additional opportunity with cultured food and industrial products as algae, shellfish, crustaceans, and finfish.