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The animal lab aids students interested in careers related to the care and husbandry of wild species in captivity and education of the public concerning conservation issues.
Hope Elephants

The elephants play with educational toys developed by Unity College students.

We believe that learning happens most powerfully when people are deeply involved with the natural world, their communities, and one another. Programs within Learning and Behavioral Health provide students with the tools for professional practice as engaged and environmentally aware experiential educators.


Authentic Experiences

Educators at heart, our students want to make a difference. You expect hands-on/minds-on, practical and authentic learning experiences, and we deliver. We provide academically challenging programs that employ experiential learning strategies, and we work with students to continually examine and evaluate experiential learning and teaching as a science.

Teaching and Learning Partners

You’ll learn the writing and reasoning skills that are the hallmark of a quality liberal arts education. You will also benefit from dedicated, collegial, and empathetic professionals who value students as partners in purposeful teaching and learning. We enjoy a culture of participation that encourages a high degree of involvement and responsibility, in order to create a supportive and exploratory learning community.

A Natural Laboratory

Our emphasis on the intersection of science and society will help you learn to deliver experiential programs that foster environmental literacy and encourage people to protect and improve the environment. By using the natural world as a laboratory, you will learn the educational value and purpose of place, and learn to recognize the intellectual, physical, emotional, and social conditions that facilitate environmental awareness.

Career Options for Learning and Behavioral Health Program Graduates

  • Environmental Education Directors
  • Life and Physical Science Teachers
  • Naturalists
  • Park Interpreters
  • After-School Program Directors and Educators
  • Outdoor Education Center Directors and Counselors
  • Conservation Directors
  • Student Affairs Activities Coordinators
  • Adventure Specialists