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Students from Professor Kathleen Dunckel's the Applied GIS course collaborated to create this map: Tasha Watson, Alyssa Beers, Ryan Regan, Sierra Marchacos, Bret Rulow and Matt Lannon. 

Campus Tour

Unity College sits on 225 acres of fields and woodlands overlooking Lake Winnecook—also known as Unity Pond—in the village of Unity, Maine, home to 1,800 friendly folks. Our campus makes it easy for faculty to expand your learning opportunities beyond traditional classrooms and labs for field experiences, service learning, internships, and study-abroad semesters.

Sustainability Tour

We take sustainability seriously, as it’s built into our mission as a college. We not only teach all our students to be stewards of the environment through the environmental stewardship curriculum, but we teach them the analytical tools they need to think critically about the multiple viewpoints surrounding the complicated environmental challenges of our time.