Alumni Stories

Our Alumni Change the World

Stories about extraordinary people engaged in important endeavors. These and more stories from our Alumni Issue of the Unity Magazine, which can be downloaded here

Alvah Maloney at Unity College
Outdoor Entrepreneurism

Now in its 15th year, Maine Kayak gives Alvah the opportunity to share his love of the outdoors and the beautiful paddling environments of the great state of Maine every season.

David Yates Unity College Alumnus
Tracking the Damage: The mayhem of BP's oil spill

Yates, a wildlife research biologist with Maine-based BioDiversity Research Institute (BRI), was tasked by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with assessing the survivability of oil-coated birds, including pelicans, egrets, and rails. 

Honorary degrees from Unity College
Honorary degrees

In 2009, Unity awarded 21 honorary bachelor of arts degrees to a group of extremely committed women from rural Africa who might never in their lives have the opportunity to visit Unity but who will always hold the College in their hearts.

Hilari Barnadore Unity College Alumna
Alumna steps up to the plate to make a system work

Now the Executive Director of STAR Communities, Hilari made use of the experiences she had honed throughout her career in environmental nonprofits and government agencies. 

Marc Bane Unity College Alumnus
Going Green with a Degree in English

Marc Bane founded his own marketing communications consultancy and insists that great marketing communications is critical to the success of both new and established alternative energy and Cleantech companies. 

Beau Doherty Unity College Alumnus
From Unity to Unified : Alumnus helps change attitudes and lives

Unity graduate Beau Doherty '78, is president of Special Olympics for the state of Connecticut, a part of a half-million-person movement called Unified Sports, an inclusive sports program that brings an equal number of athletes and partners.

Tim Godaire Unity College Alumnus
Unity College Alumnus Tim Godaire '12

"I learned that Unity’s small size enabled professors to connect with students and provide unique opportunities to study the outdoors."

Richard Saltzberg Unity College Alumnus
Bringing an adventuresome spirit to business enterprise

“Unity gave me the tools, support, and guts to go out on my own. Starting a new business combined my interest in design and the news.”

Lisa Bates Unity College Alumna
Confronting Bears and Fears

Bates’ experiences as part of the Maine state bear crew and coordinator of the dozen Unity College black bear study teams, as well as her training and education, gave her the tools she needed in an emergency situation this past summer. 

Tyson Weiss Unity College Alumnus
An Entrepreneur Turns Doodling Curves into Garden Fish

“Building a business is more than making money. It’s contributing to the community by treating workers decently. I love empowering employees, friends, and anyone else I meet into upward mobility.” 

Tom Frezza Unity College Alum
A Lesson in the Civil War: Alumnus turns his passion into a career

“My major was Parks and Recreation/Ecotourism, and the courses taught by Professor Tom Mullin not only inspired me, but ultimately lead me to my career with the National Park Service.” 

Leeann Reid of Unity College
Alumna Receives Prestigious Award

The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC), the nation’s oldest outdoor recreation and conservation organization awarded Unity College graduate Leeann Reid the 2014 Young Conservation Leader Award. 

Holli Cedarholm Unity College Alumni
Owning and Operating Organic

When asked, Why Unity College? Holli replied, “I came to Unity because I wanted to change the world.”

Kaz Hemmi Unity College
Japanese students found warmth and welcome at Unity College

In the 1990s, a number of college-bound students from Japan chose to attend Unity. Some arrived here through the Sakae Institute for Study Abroad, and others found Unity on their own while looking for specialized environmental programs.

Andrea Miller '13 Unity College Alumna
Research assistant for the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Miller studied abroad as an undergraduate and noted that her previous international travel experiences better prepared her for post-graduate experiences abroad. 

Erin Shoppmeyer '11
Superstorm Sandy couldn't stop her from attaining her dream job

Battling Sandy, government shutdowns, and an often just-out-of-reach dream to becoming permanent in the park service.

Sara Trunzo '08
Food and Farm Projects

When seeking examples of the creativity, intelligence, drive and perseverance so common to Unity graduates, Sara Trunzo ’08 is at the top of the list.  

Julie Kozak '09
Teaching environmental curriculum in the Dominican Republic

"Unity provided me with the knowledge of natural history and environmental issues that served me well as an environmental youth group leader.”

Stephenie MacLagan ’07
Leveraging her five internship experiences while an undergraduate into a job after graduation

“Work study jobs, internships for credit and not for credit, and other volunteer and extra-curricular experiences provided and introduced many skills that I wouldn’t have gained simply from classes,” MacLagan said.  

Catherine Haase ’07
Unity College Wildlife Major now pursuing a PhD in wildlife ecology

“Unity College students possess passion, drive and a determination to save the environment,” said Catherine Haase ’07, a wildlife major who is pursuing a Ph.D. in wildlife ecology at the University of Florida.

Mike Wallace '73 Unity College
Saving the California Condor

Dr. Mike Wallace ’73 has helped save the California condor from extinction. His innovative techniques and protocols of raising the baby birds have proven to be instrumental in the substantial increase in the population of a near-extinct species.