Major Gifts

Major Gifts

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Capital Gifts

From time to time, the college identifies facility and material needs that are beyond the costs of regular operations. These priorities offer exciting opportunities for Unity College and its donors.

Capital gifts are generally larger gifts given over time. They are directed toward a specific project identified by the college and supported by the donor. In some cases, capital gifts may be recognized with a naming opportunity as part of a particular project.

Endowment Gifts

Endowment gifts ensure the long-term financial stability of Unity by serving as our savings account. Endowment gifts are invested, and the interest is used to support the purpose for which the endowment fund was created. Endowment gifts tend to be larger gifts given over time, and there are standards for the size of an endowment necessary to support different purposes. Endowment funds may be created for scholarships, academic chairs and professorships, library acquisitions, research support and equipment, professional development, particular programs, or any other educational purpose of Unity College.