Senior Class Fundraiser - Breakfast for Dinner


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Senior Class Fundraiser - Breakfast for Dinner

Sunday, April 6, 2014 - 5:00pm - to 7:00 pm, UBR Community Center

Kate Gilbert

LOCATION -@Unity Barn Raisers, School Street, Unity


-Pancake dinner/ Senior Auction/ 50/50 Raffle -A parent donated a lot of pancake mix, so we will be making three types of pancakes, two types of meats, and we will be serving some beverages


-$5 a plate for two pancakes and two meats, or four pancakes -We will also be having the auction and raffle -We will be advertising to the campus and the whole town of Unity!!!

-We will need LOTS of volunteers! I will be making a google doc for people to sign up, so keep an eye out This is going to be our biggest fundraiser, so please promote as much as you can! We will update everyone as we get more info!



Ryan Morrison, SGA Senior Class Rep.

Wildlife Biology / Math minor '14


Unity College Undergraduate