Jeannie Hamrin


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Jeannie Hamrin

Assistant Director of Teacher Education / Education Outreach/ Teacher Education

Jeannie Hamrin
Phone: 207-509-7282
Office: Founders Hall South, Office 216

Academic Background

Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University, NY
MA, Teachers College, Columbia University, NY
BS, Springfield College, Springfield, MA

Foreign Education
1 year at Idrætshøjskole, Gerlev, Denmark
7 years at Stockholms Universititet, Stockholm, Sweden
1/2 year at Université de Paris, Paris, France

Dr. Hamrin is the Assistant Director of Teacher Education and is the Outreach Coordinator at Unity College.  She has over 30 years teaching experience at Maine universities and colleges.  She also has served as a mediator, educational consultant and group leader for overseas travel for mixed-age groups.
Hamrin says, "The constant thread that connects and echoes throughout my entire career has been woven into the fabric of what I do. The fabric has remained the same, but the patterns are slightly different. These threads have been my passion for developing students to be socially just, working for the common good, becoming informed citizens in our democracy and becoming actively involved in sustainable science using cutting edge technologies. This has been accomplished through course design of authentic experiences.  Students understand that the world is in rapid change and we can no longer follow straight and narrow traditional paths. I have been Teacher of the Year at three different colleges and have also received the Maine Roads to Quality Compass Award (2002), Maine Children’s Alliance Giraffe Award Winner (2002) and Tech Prep Educator of the Year, 2000."