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As the in-demand green jobs market continues to blossom across the United States and internationally, Unity College will host its Fall Open House on Saturday, November 1.

As the in-demand green jobs market continues to blossom across the United States and internationally, Unity College will host a Fall Open House on November 1th.

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As one of America’s premier environmental colleges, Unity College is blazing a new path for higher education.  It is the first college in the nation to adopt sustainability science – the leading-edge for 21st century environmental problem solving – as a framework for learning.  Students from 16 environmentally focused majors gain hands-on experience and learn to work collaboratively across disciplines. 

A Well-Rounded, Environmental Education for the 21st Century

Prospective students will have the opportunity to learn the range of in-demand environmental career paths available to them during the day of Fall Open House events.

The day begins with an 8:30 a.m. registration at the Student Center in the Student Activities Building.  Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in campus tours, attend information sessions on financial aid, career resources and internships, and learn about student life from undergraduates.  

Demonstrations will take place in different locations across campus throughout the day.  The community fair showcases each of the 16 career friendly majors offered at Unity College.  Faculty and staff from each program will be in attendance to meet students and their families, and answer questions. 

Boots Muddy, Hands-On Learning Opportunities

Unity College students have ample opportunities to pursue research as undergraduates.  In 2013, the College began a multi-year black bear study in central Maine.  The study is the first in the United States to directly involve college undergraduates in the trapping and tracking of bears, specifically, Maine black bears.  The Fall Open House will feature a bear study demonstration with students who were featured in a National Public Radio story about the study.

Other demonstrations include tracking squirrels using radio telemetry and a sustainability energy tour of the campus.

Open House Schedule

8:15 Registration in the Student Center

9:00 Welcome Speeches and Announcements in Tozier Gym

  • Welcome Address by President Stephen Mulkey  
  • “Why Unity” Presentation From Current Students 
  • Admissions Introductions and Brief Schedule Announcements

9:30-10:30 Community Fair in Tozier Gym

10:30-11:00 Information Sessions:

  • Financial Aid in Parsons Wing 204
  • Career Resource Center Information Session in Higgins Wing 211
  • Club Showcase in Student Center
  • Continued Conversations with Faculty and Staff in Dorothy Webb Quimby Library 


  • Brunch for Purple Ticketholders in Wyman Commons
  • Campus Tour for Green Ticketholders (leave from Tozier Gym)
  • Specialty Demonstrations for Tan Ticketholders (all options leave from Tozier Gym)


  • Brunch for Green Ticketholders in Wyman Commons
  • Campus Tour for Tan Ticketholders (leave from Wyman Commons)
  • Specialty Demonstrations for Purple Ticketholders (all options leave from Wyman Commons)


  • Brunch for Tan Ticketholders in Wyman Commons
  • Campus Tour for Purple Ticketholders (leave from Wyman Commons)
  • Specialty Demonstrations for Green Ticketholders (all options leave from Wyman Commons)

Specialty Demonstrations

  • Archery Range Tour/Demo at Archery Range in Maintenance Building 
  • Woodsmen’s Team Demo at Wood Hall South Parking Lot
  • Primitive Skills Team Demo at Fire Pit 

1:15-2:15 Academic Demonstrations

➢Center for Biodiversity

  • Greenhouse Tour in Koons Hall 
  • Coral Lab Tour in Koons Hall

➢Center for Natural Resource Management and Protection

  • Wildlife Crime Scene Investigative Techniques in Parsons Wing 204
  • Culvert Trap and Bear Study Discussion in Koons Hall 201
  • Radio Telemetry with Squirrels in Koons Hall 125

➢Center for Sustainability and Global Change

  • Sustainability Tour of Energy and Agricultural Projects on Campus (leave from Koons Hall 121)
  • Geosciences Field and Lab Roundtable in Geoscience Lab/Koons Hall  

➢Center for Experiential and Environmental Education

  • Captive Wildlife Care and Education Demonstration in Thomashow Learning Lab 102 and 104

(Note: high school seniors may pre-register for a brief admissions interview between 10:00 am – 2:00 pm in the Welcome Center)

First in the Nation to Focus on Sustainability Science

Through its hands-on approach to learning and first in the nation focus on sustainability science, the leading-edge of transdisciplinary (collaborative) environmental problem solving, Unity College is preparing students not only for current environmental careers, but for careers that are only now being imagined.

President Stephen Mulkey, an internationally recognized scientist, says that graduates are uniquely poised for long-term success.

“Our graduates are prepared not only for their first job, but for their fifth,” Mulkey said.  The hands-on learning, personal attention, and real world skills that students develop give them a strong head start on their careers.

“Graduates have a comprehensive set of science, communications, and problem solving skills that allow them to flourish not only in their first job after graduation, but throughout their career as they adapt, develop, and become environmental leaders,” said Dr. Melik Peter Khoury, Senior Vice President for External Affairs.  With one of the best retention rates among like sized colleges, Khoury says that students who choose Unity College are clearly well informed decision makers.

“Being well informed does not mean following a rigid path to graduation,” said Khoury.  “Some students begin their studies at Unity College by sampling a broad range of courses.  They are then in a strong position to choose the right career path after their first year, while still graduating within four years.”

An Education that Grows with You

Unity College students develop skills and experiences that employers prize, for example pursuing internships across the United States and internationally.  Some Unity College students have recently pursued career track internships in Israel, Namibia, Belize, and China.  

An important aspect of Fall Open House is for prospective students to gain a glimpse into what life as a Unity College student is like.

“The objective of our Fall Open House is to allow students to get to know Unity College,” noted Joe Saltalamachia, Director of Admissions.  “This is part of a comprehensive process designed to help prospective students find out whether Unity College is right for them.”

Nestled in the verdant farm country of Maine, and only a short drive from the coast, Unity College students utilize the area’s natural resources on a daily basis during classes, research, and recreational activities.

A Launching Pad from Unity to All Points on the Globe

The quality of the educational experience offered is embodied by the host of accolades the College has received.  

Unity College has been nominated as the Green University of the Year for the 2013 Climate Change Award by Responding to Climate Change (RTCC). This international award nomination recognizes Unity College for its green leadership, Unity being the only institution of higher learning from the United States to be nominated. 

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