Maine International Film Festival - Engaging Film Critiques & Discussions

Maine International Film Festival - Engaging Film Critiques & Discussions

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MIFFLet’s go to the movies! Let’s talk with the filmmakers! Comedy to drama and all frames in between -- the Maine International Film Festival is an epic film event that happens every July in Waterville, Maine. And from V.I.P. receptions to closing night, we are there! Enjoy watching high quality films of every genre and from around the world, meet filmmakers and participate in thought-provoking discussions with other movie aficionados. 

Credits: 3 
July 13 - 19
$1,470 for credit
   $770 non-credit


HU 2023 Topics in Humanities: Maine International Film Festival
What does it mean to be human? How can we cultivate a sense of wonder? What forms our identity and sense of place? This course explores these questions and more by offering class participants a broad-based inquiry into the disciplines that make up the humanities: literature, history, philosophy, and cultural studies, all within the framework of film media. 

Credits: 3 
Dates: July 13 - 19

Target Audience

MIFF attendees and Unity College students.


$1,470 for credit, $770 non-credit. A festival pass is included in the cost.


Pat ClarkAmong other things, Pat Clark teaches Drama and Interpersonal Communication at Unity College and has been a regular at MIFF since its beginning.  Pat has worked with MIFF organizational teams for years and even has her very own seat with her name on it at Railroad Square Cinema where all the magic happens.  You’re not going to find a better qualified host for the Maine International Film Festival.