Professional Development - Landing an Internship or Job

Professional Development - Landing an Internship or Job

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Solid internship experience and job hunting skills are critical in today's highly competitive world. This workshop will help better prepare the participant to acquire an internship, strengthen job hunting skills and enter the professional work environment.  

June 27 - 28
$490 for credit
$110 non-credit


AS 2111 Professional Development - Landing a Job
This course will help to better prepare class participants who desire to acquire an internship, seek initial employment, transfer to another profession or brush up their job hunting. The class focus will be learning foundational professional development skills such as understanding organizational cultures and risk, meaningful internship acquisition, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing techniques and business etiquette. For Unity College students, the process of successfully arranging an internship for credit including understanding Lewin/Kohl’s Experiential Learning model, the stages of an internship and writing effective learning objectives in order to choose a meaningful internship experience will be covered. Students planning to complete an internship are strongly encouraged to enroll in this class! 

Dates: June 27 - 28
Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Target Audience

Participants can include a wide-variety of demographics from traditional college students, to local community members preparing for a career transition, to area professionals looking to polish up their professional skills. Content areas will be tailored to the specific class demographics.

Deliverables and Learning Outcomes 

Participants will…

  • Develop a professional quality resume and cover letter
  • Learn job interviews and informational interviews techniques
  • Improve public speaking skills and professional networking
  • Gain an understanding of workplace and business etiquette


$490 for credit, $110 non-credit. 


Nicole CollinsNicole Collins is the Director of Career Services at Unity College in Maine. She works to connect college students with purposeful careers. She regularly teaches college-level professional development courses and oversees a vibrant and successful internship program. She also serves on the Executive Boards of the Maine College Career Consortium and the New England Association for Experiential Education and Field Experience. Her teaching style is focused on experiential learning which allows for active participation, meaningful reflection and addresses multiple learning styles. She creates a fun, participant-centered learning environment and brings her passion for personal growth and development to all her classes.