• Pay your bills online: The portal accepts a large variety of payment options.
  • Sign up for payment plans: spread your payments out over time to make them more manageable.
  • Set up autopay: pay your bills directly from your bank account at regular intervals.
  • Get your refund faster! Get your money deposited directly into your bank account by signing up for e-refunds.
  • Give others the ability to pay your bills: give users authorized by you–such as employers or relatives–access to pay your student bills on your behalf.
  • See payments in real-time: view your payments immediately on your ledger and receive confirmation in your email.
  • Get notification of new bills in your email. Authorized users can receive notifications of new bills in their email.

View the introductory video to learn more:

How to log in to the Payment Portal?

Students: Log in to your Unity College student portal and click on “Billing and Payments”; this will take you directly to the Payment Portal. To have someone else pay on your behalf, you will need to sign them up as an Authorized User. For instructions on how to do so, please see below.

Authorized Users (Parents/Guardians/Third Parties): Go to this page and log in using your Authorized User name and password. If you do not have an Authorized User name and password, please contact the student for whom you are paying for, as they will need to set one up for you.

How do I set up an Authorized User?

Only students can set up authorized users. Setting up authorized users allows parents, guardians, and other third-party users to access your account billing and payment information. When setting up the authorized users, you will be able to choose the account permissions for each individual user.

To set up authorized users, follow these steps below:

  1. Log in using the instructions above.
  2. Click on the ‘Add New’ link located in the box labeled Authorized Users.
  3. In the Authorized User field enter the Login Name (must be unique, using “mom” will not work) you want to assign to the authorized user.
  4. Fill in the remaining required fields (marked with a red asterisk)
  5. Add an optional note to the welcome email that will be sent to the authorized user.
  6. Select the authorized user’s permissions level.
  7. Click on the OK button.

A welcome email will be sent to the authorized user’s email address that you have provided, containing the optional note, login information, and temporary password.

How do I pay my bills?

Log in using the instructions above.

One-time Payment:

Go to the Account Summary section and click on “Pay” next to the Overall Balance. This will take you to your Payment Basket where you will be able to pay your full balance or make a partial payment toward your balance.

Payment Plans:

Go to the Installment Payment Plans section. If there are no payment plans listed, there are none available at this time. Please see the Payment Plan Options below for fees and dates of availability. If there is a payment plan listed, then it is open for enrollment. To enroll in a plan, simply click on the plan that you would like to enroll in and follow the instructions on the next page.

Payment Plan Options:


Flagship payment plans are offered for the fall and spring semesters. There is an enrollment fee of $75 per semester.

  • Fall Plan: Plan opens on May 1 and closes on August 30. Enroll before May 29 for 6 monthly installments, June 29 for 5 monthly installments, July 29 for 4 monthly installments or August 29 for 3 monthly installments.
  • Spring Plan: Plan opens on November 1 and closes on February 28. Enroll before November 29 for 6 monthly installments, December 29 for 5 monthly installments, January 29 for 4 monthly installments or February 27 for 3 monthly installments.

*Current Flagship payment plans are still being processed through ECSI through the Spring 2019 semester. Starting with Fall 2019, all payment plans will be managed directly in the new Payment Portal.

Distance Education

Distance Education payment plans are offered for each term with the choice of either a 4 installment plan or a 2 installment plan. Depending on the date that you sign up, you may be required to pay multiple installments to start in order to catch up to the current due date. There is an enrollment fee of $35 per term and the schedules are as follows:

  • Fall-Term 1 Plan: Plan opens July 15 and closes September 15
  • Fall-Term 2 Plan: Plan opens September 15 and closes November 1
  • Spring-Term 1 Plan: Plan opens November 1 and closes January 15
  • Spring-Term 2 Plan: Plan opens on January 15 and closes on April 1
  • Summer Term Plan: Plan opens on April 1 and closes on June 15

If you should have any further questions please refer to the “Help” section of the Unity College Payment Portal once you have logged in.