The Student Health Brochure for Flagship Students outlines the Health Insurance Coverage that is available to all Unity College Flagship Students. The need for protection against unexpected medical expenses that may be incurred as a result of accident or sickness, is obvious. These expenses can seriously deplete the financial resources earmarked for educational purposes. The program described in this brochure is designed to provide protection at a reasonable cost for covered expenses that accrue outside of the school health service.

All Flagship students are automatically enrolled in the Unity College Health Insurance Plan. You will need to confirm or waive the Unity College Flagship Student Health Insurance plan by logging into your Unity College Flagship Student Portal and click on the “Flagship Student Health Insurance” link under the “Administrative Services” tab prior to August 15, 2020, for the annual policy. Confirmation or waiver for the spring term, for students who were not enrolled for classes in the fall, must be completed prior to January 15, 2021.

Questions regarding the billing of Flagship student health insurance can be directed to our Student Services at: 207-509 -7151.