Unity College has partnered with Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI to offer you a TuitionSelect payment plan, a convenient path toward a quality education.  You can feel confident that your account is in good hands, as Heartland ECSI partners with more than 2,200 colleges and universities to help students and families manage college tuition and other educational expenses.  The only costs for using this plan is the nonrefundable application fee of $75.00.

Click here to apply online. Enrollment begins April 15 for the Fall 2018 term and October 15 for the Spring 2019 term.  If you have any questions, please contact our customer care team at 866-927-1438.

Plan Options and Schedule

Fall Term Plans

Plan TypePlan Open DateFirst Payment Due
6-MonthApril 15May 15
5-MonthApril 15June 15
4-MonthApril 15July 15

Spring Term Plans

Plan TypePlan Open DateFirst Payment Due
6-MonthOctober 15November 15
5-MonthOctober 15December 15
4-MonthOctober 15January 15

Tuition Payment Plan Q &A

Q. Does the Tuition Payment Plan know about my financial aid?
A. No. When prompted, simply enter your financial aid information from your award letter. Your monthly payments are based on the amount you owe. If you receive additional financial aid after enrolling in TuitionSelect, you can adjust your payments to reflect your new balance.

Q. Can I set up automatic payments?
A. ABSOLUTELY! When you enroll in the Tuition Payment Plan, you can choose to have your monthly payments deducted from a bank account. You can change your payment method any time.

Q. What if I want to change my monthly payment amount?
A. SIMPLE! You can log on to the website 24/7 to view your account, check your payment history and make any adjustments to your monthly amount or payment method.

Q. What if I decide to pay my bill in full?
A. NO PROBLEM! You can choose to pay your balance in full at any time before the deadline without penalty.

Q. Is my financial information secure?
A. YES, 100%! The Tuition Payment Plan is powered by Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI, the leader in student financial processing. Heartland ECSI’s technology ensures that your financial information is safe and your transactions are 100% secure.

Q. Is everyone eligible to enroll in the Tuition Payment Plan?
A. SURE! The Tuition Payment Plan is available to any student who wants a convenient, flexible solution to manage college costs.

Q. Why does Unity College offer the Tuition Payment Plan?
A. To help families manage college costs. Many students and parents request monthly payment plans to help simplify college finances. Unity College chose the Tuition Payment Plan because it offers the best features along with expert customer care.