On November 14, 2014, faculty and staff of Unity College gathered to honor employee service. Held at the Unity College Center for the Performing Arts (UCCPA), the 2014 Service Recognition Dinner was a thoroughly Unity affair, full of smiles, anecdotes, toasts, friends, and the culinary artistry of campus catering. The event was roundly praised and our community was thankful for the care and commitment the College echoed to their own. Photographs of the event are on Flickr.

The tree was chosen to recognize years of service, in alignment with our mission, our practice of sustainability, and our logo. Years of service are defined by trees indigenous to Maine in addition to their yearly growth rings: 5 Rings – Fire Cherry; 10 Rings – White Birch; 15 Rings – Balsam Fir; 20 Rings – Sugar Maple; 25 Rings – Red Oak.

20 Rings

Bruce Cook – Facilities

15 Rings

Dean Bessey – Public Safety

Chris Melanson – Office of the Executive Vice President

10 Rings

Julie Johnson – Wellness Center

Aimee Phillippi – Center for Biodiversity

Beth Safford – Business Office

Cindy Schaub – Administrative Operations Center

Bill Veilleux – Facilities

Judy Williams – Writing Center

5 Rings

Donna Abbott – Dining Services

Amanda Baker – Center for Biodiversity

Delena Haynes – Dining Services

Diane Laliberte – Admissions

Erika Latty – Center for Biodiversity

Tony Sanborn – Facilities

Juanita Spaulding – Student Affairs

Kevin Spigel – Center for Sustainability and Global Change