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Zach Falcon

Vice President for Flagship

Executive Biography

Zach Falcon is the Vice President for Flagship and Professor of Conservation Law Enforcement at Unity College, responsible for the leadership, planning, coordination, and evaluation of all instructional and operational components of the residential Flagship campus.

He holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Columbia University, a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School, and an M.F.A. in Fiction from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa.  Prior to his appointment as Vice President for Flagship, he served Unity as the faculty moderator and as Chair for the Conservation Law Enforcement program.

Zach came to Unity from University of Iowa College of Law, where he was the Associate Director of the Writing Resource Center.  During his legal career, he served in the State of Alaska Department of Law as an Assistant Attorney General, where he represented the state in civil litigation, administrative hearings, and permit appeals.  He has also worked as a public defender in Juneau, Alaska, and as associate oversight counsel for the Resources Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. 

Position Summary

The Vice President of Flagship (VPF) is an executive position, responsible for the leadership, planning, coordination and evaluation of all instructional and operational components of the residential Flagship campus. The VPF is accountable for recruitment, retention and revenue goals for the Flagship, as well as ensuring that Unity College Flagship students receive a high-quality, relevant, and sustainability-focused education. The scope of responsibility includes Flagship faculty, student success professionals, and Flagship recruitment. The VPF works with senior leadership to establish the strategic direction of the college regarding Flagship services. The VPF works with the President and senior leadership to continue to transform Unity College from a college with a strong regional presence to a leading national institution of higher education. Within the framework of functional leadership, the VPF supports and is supported by other senior level leaders and works with all constituencies to realize the Unity College Mission and Strategic Plan. The VPF reports to the President.

Essential Functions

  1. Provides leadership, supervision, and managerial oversight for the Flagship within the scope of heuristics established by the President. Responsible for identifying new opportunities for revenue and enrollment, accountable for executing a comprehensive enrollment management plan that aligns with institutional priorities including timelines, benchmarks and metrics for success.
  2. Leads student success, retention, persistence and graduation achievement efforts at Unity College and ensures achievement of institutionally established goals for each.
  3. Responsible for administration and integrity of Flagship academic programs and co-curricular supports.
  4. Responsible for Flagship budget management to include creating annual budgets, allocation and expenditure of resources, and accountability. Maintains a program of assessment to measure achievement of student learning and institutional outcomes, and develops and enacts plans for adjustment as indicated by results.
  5. Maintains a robust and effective advising process in conjunction with the Academic and Student Success units. Receives and adjudicates student concerns as part of the academic complaint and appeals process. Resolves student issues satisfactorily.
  6. Aligns Flagship planning and initiatives with Enterprise priorities.
  7. Plans, creates and proposes new Flagship initiatives within the scope of the heuristics and parameters established by the President.
  8. Creates Flagship-specific goals that align with Enterprise strategy and missions.
  9. Supports revenue generation at the Enterprise level.
  10. Ensures achievement of student outcomes.
  11. Ensures educational effectiveness, client satisfaction, and Flagship-specific measures of product success.
  12. Ensures financial viability of the Flagship.
  13. Meets revenue, margin, and cost-containment goals.
  14. Ensures Unity College policies are being enforced.
  15. Supports other SEBUs and increases capacity as coordinated by the Enterprise, through joint opportunities, cost-sharing, etc.
  16. Maintain college accreditation under the direction of the Enterprise.
  17. Ensures integration of curricular, co-curricular, and residential components into a transformative and developmentally-differentiated living and learning experience through the educational framework of sustainability science.
  18. Supervises professional staff and Flagship faculty in accordance with the institution’s policies and procedures, laws, and regulations.
  19. On behalf of the President manages Flagship faculty governance, in compliance with the Flagship Faculty Handbook, the institutional charter, and other relevant institutional policies.
  20. Works with professional staff to plan and execute all aspects of Flagship faculty and staff professional development and training.
  21. Responsible for recruiting full-time and adjunct Flagship faculty and making recommendations to the Chief Academic Officer for Flagship faculty appointments, re-appointments, retention, promotion, termination/dismissal, in keeping with College policy.
  22. In coordination with Faculty administrators, initiates, organizes, and promotes Flagship faculty scholarship, grants and professional outreach.
  23. Makes recommendations to the Chief Academic Officer for faculty appointments, retention, and promotion in keeping with the accreditation requirements.
  24. Provides effective, collaborative leadership within the framework of functional leadership and shared governance.
  25. Acts as the senior administrator and official for many Flagship campus events including community weekend, community meetings, open house, career fairs, earth week, winter weekend, student life events, and Flagship employee meetings including the Flagship Faculty Meetings.
  26. Communicates to Flagship employees and students on relevant updates and coordinates responses to parents, students, and external media for routine events, in conjunction with the Enterprise.
  27. Facilitates and endorses direct access between the President and the direct reports of the VPF to include responding to specific requests from the President.
  28. Manages and leads Strategic Plan initiatives and action items as assigned.
  29. Understands, supports and promotes the Unity College Enterprise model.