Based on that deep dive into the needs of society and our students, Unity College has launched an ambitious new project to redesign the early college experience to:

  • Honor learning wherever it happens, whether that is in a classroom, in the field solving real-world sustainability problems, or on the job.
  • Create immersive, intensive experiences with a flexible calendar that lets students who work hard complete a bachelor’s degree in less than 4 years.
  • Allow students to earn stackable credentials that represent relevant professional skills to employers.

There is much work to do! Follow the progress of the First Two Years project here to see how Unity College is taking a leadership role in creating a new college for the environmental century.

First Two Years


TERRAIN update 8.26-8.30

  The first week of fall term is always incredibly busy and exciting. Whether you are new to Unity College or have been here for a few years or many – the fall term brings new opportunities and challenges. This first week of fall term has been even busier and..Read more

TERRAIN update: August 18-23

  Summer TERRAIN Update   On this last Friday of “summer,” I offer a brief summary of what we’ve been up to with TERRAIN:   Welcome TERRAIN testbed students! We are very excited to welcome 64 first-year students to the TERRAIN testbed this fall! Most of the students have settled..Read more

TERRAIN update: August 12-16, 2019

Summer TERRAIN Update Highlights from this week’s work on TERRAIN . . . Preparation for Recruitment of Fall 2020 Students Emily Valli and Alecia Sudmeyer continued to collaborate on the design of online and print materials to communicate to various audiences about TERRAIN. Portfolium Launch With help from IT, marketing,..Read more

TERRAIN update: August 5-9

Summer TERRAIN Update   It’s been another very busy week working on TERRAIN implementation. Here are the highlights:   Preparation for Recruitment of Fall 2020 Students Emily Valli and I started our week with an early Monday morning meeting about TERRAIN. I provided her with examples of Year 1 Expeditions..Read more

TERRAIN update August 2, 2019

  Summer TERRAIN Update   This is my first week back after medical leave and I’ve been enjoying the buzz of excitement surrounding TERRAIN. Many people have been working hard to get ready for the launch of our testbed TERRAIN experience this fall and to pave the way for a..Read more

TERRAIN Update 7.26.2019

Summer TERRAIN Update     Ray Phinney is working on solidifying the TERRAIN schedule and booking external presenters. He is also developing RA floor activities for evening LLC programming and working with the Library on UE initiatives built into the TERRAIN offerings. Soliana will be joining the TERRAIN expeditions to..Read more

TERRAIN Update 7.19.2019

Summer TERRAIN Update   At the senior leadership retreat this week we met to discuss the key flagship priorities for the coming year, including how to best position the 2020 full implementation of TERRAIN for success, and how the work of TERRAIN will support our degree major programs in the..Read more

TERRAIN Update – 7.12.2019

Summer TERRAIN Update   As made clear through recent communications by President Khoury, TERRAIN remains a high priority for sustaining the Flagship.  Incoming students continue to respond positively to this learning experience crafted by faculty and staff representing multiple functions at the College.  As of today we have 63 students..Read more

TERRAIN Update July 3, 2019

Summer TERRAIN Update   Interest among incoming students in the Fall 2019 Pilot Expedition continues to grow and has warranted the addition of a second section.  As shared previously, this fall Kate Coseo will lead one Wildlife in Place expedition, with the second one led by Aly McKnight.   Kate..Read more

TERRAIN Update: June 28, 2019

Highlights from the TERRAIN Implementation Team   Wrapping up the Spring Term Throughout the spring term, the TERRAIN implementation team addressed its charge and accomplished several goals. Below I summarize this work and provide details of the goings-on since our last TERRAIN update.   Summary of work led by the..Read more

TERRAIN update: May 6-10, 2019

Highlights from the TERRAIN Implementation Team: May 6-10, 2019 What is the Team Up To? This has been an eventful week on campus, starting with Student Conference on Monday and wrapping up with graduation on Saturday. Our engagement in many of these end-of-year events left less time than usual for..Read more

TERRAIN update: April 29 – May 3

Highlights from the TERRAIN Implementation Team: April 29- May 3, 2019   What is the Team Up To? Linda Povey of Brand Alchemy is developing a source document to inform marketing and recruitment. Brian, Erica, and I met with Linda this week to provide her with additional information about TERRAIN...Read more

TERRAIN update: April 22-26

Highlights from the TERRAIN Implementation Team: April 22-26, 2019   What is the Team Up To? As you know, Saturday, April 20th was Accepted Student Day at Unity College. Roughly 70 students, along with members of their families, visited the campus to learn more about the College and to participate in learning experiences throughout..Read more