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Middle of Everywhere

The outdoor world is our classroom.

From the woods of Maine to your home office, our campus is wherever you are. We welcome students from all corners of the world. If you choose to study with us in person, our residential campus is nestled in Unity, Maine, where we are near a living ecological laboratory of fields, farms, forests, ponds, rivers, and oceanfront.

Discover Unity near and far. Explore our online and on-campus programs.

Reasons to Choose Unity

One campus.

A world of opportunity.


Acres of fields and woodlands owned by Unity College


Students studying from a distance (Fall 2019)


Countries where students have studied abroad

Maine recreation opportunities

  • Around Unity

    Be sure to check out the following near campus:

    • Unity Center for the Performing Arts
    • Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge
    • Field of Dreams—an outdoor recreation area
    • Unity Historical Society
    • Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad
    • Unity Pond Pottery
    • Unity Raceway
  • Within a one-hour drive

    For more opportunities close to campus, visit:

    • Maine State Museum—Augusta, Maine
    • Old Fort Western—Augusta, Maine
    • Viles Arboretum—Augusta, Maine
    • Belgrade Lakes—Belgrade, Maine
    • Camden Hills State Park—Camden, Maine
    • L. Bean flagship and more shopping—Freeport, Maine
    • Farnsworth Art Museum—Rockland, Maine
  • Within a two-hour drive

    Take advantage of the beauty in Maine by visiting:

    • Moosehead Lake—Northwest Piscataquis, Maine
    • Popham Beach—Phippsburg, Maine
    • Port Clyde—St. George, Maine
    • Portland, Maine
    • Rangeley Lakes
    • Sebago Lake State Park—Cumberland County, Maine

Unity in action

We love exploring the world around us, and our students are no different. Our students are constantly traveling around the state and the country conducting research and fieldwork. Recent expeditions include:

  • Seaweed sampling on Allen Island
  • Bear trapping in central Maine
  • Microplastic researching in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Seedling cultivation and restoration plantings around Maine

Learn more about the work our students and faculty have done around the country.

Unity online

As an online student, your home is your classroom. You will participate in fieldwork and research just like our Flagship campus students do, using your city, base, or backyard as your laboratory.

You are always welcome to visit our Maine campus; otherwise, we encourage studying your community and the environment around you.

 Get started wherever you are. Apply online today.

“People get it: Unity College is solidly rooted in the experience of Maine. The state of Maine has a palpable sense of place and we want students from across the country, and around the world, to share this amazing resource with us.”

Melik Peter Khoury, D.B.A., President Unity College