Getting Started:

1. Connect to a wifi network
2. Download the Bloom Sharing app from your app store, using the links below, or at http://www.bloomsharing.comBloom App

For Android Phones
For iOS Phones

3. Create a user account using your email (you may have to wait a few minutes before you receive the confirmation email)
4. Choose the Unity College system
5. Find a bike on the map. A yellow P (parking) indicates bikes are present.
Use the App to access the bike6. To check out a bike, tap the pink scanning button in your app and scan the QR code on the ring lock on the back wheel of the bike. The bike should then unlock and your screen will have a square stop button in place of the scanning button. You are now free to ride around!
7. To end your ride, park at a designated bike parking area, press the square stop button in your app, and lock the ring lock manually.
8. To cancel a reservation, press the X on the left or press and hold the pink stop or play button. This will prompt a pop-up that tells you why it couldn’t connect to the bike, and asks for a reason you want to end your ride.
9. Use the app to submit a repair alert or provide feedback.


By using the U-Go Bike-sharing program, you agree to the following:

  • Wear a helmet when riding Unity College bicycles.
  • Use sound judgment when riding Unity College bicycles.
  • Follow the Maine Bicycle Laws from Title 29-A Chapter 1, summarized below:
    • Yield to vehicles and pedestrians
    • Stop at stoplights and stop signs
    • Ride on the right
    • Signal when turning
    • One person per bike