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Two environmental Engineers with wind turbines behind them with the text "Endowment Strategy" over them.

Endowment Strategy



At Unity Environmental University Sustainability Science affects more than just what happens in the field, classroom, or laboratory. It goes beyond operational initiatives like recycling, renewable energy, and local foods to impact how we make our investments.

Just as a commitment to personal sustainability means conscious consideration of one’s financial investments as well as day-to-day choices, Unity Environmental University is committed to responsible investment of our endowment funds.

In 2012 Unity Environmental University (then known as Unity College) became the first college or university to divest its investment portfolio from the top 200 fossil fuel. That re-investment was not only the right thing to do for Unity, but it also has paid off financially.

The Statement of Endowment Investment Objectives and Policies is maintained by the Unity Environmental University Board of Trustees and articulates Unity Environmental University’s investment objectives, investment policies, specific guidelines for endowment investment, policies related to investment management and reporting, and code of ethics.

Spinnaker Trust manages the Unity Environmental University investment portfolio and endowment performance is reported to the Unity Environmental University leadership through a Market and Portfolio Review. Click here for the latest annual Market and Portfolio Review.

Last Updated on January 30, 2024