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Goal Statements

Taken together, the three Goals in The Unity College Strategic Plan outline an interrelated plan to place service to the audiences who need Unity College products, programs, and services at the very center of the work. Objectives operationalize the vision provided in the three Goal statements. Each Initiative selected for implementation under an Objective will be executed using the Initiative Implementation Plan.

Goal One (Audiences) is the heart of The Unity College Strategic Plan. The other two Goals are designed around it. Goal One embraces the audience-first approach endorsed by college leadership in the Decision-Making Paradigm and Glossary (see Decision-Making Paradigm and Glossary in Unity College 2025 Tools for Planning and Strategic Plan Implementation).

Goal Two (Enterprise) is focused on institutionalizing a flexible approach to innovation, planning, and project implementation, as well as completing the Enterprise buildout begun during the last strategic plan as the operational foundation for service to the audiences identified in Goal One.

Goal Three (Storytelling) outlines an institutional commitment to interactive co-creation of the college, its interwoven stories of audience, community, and individuality, and of what it means to be a small, private college. Storytelling in The Unity College Strategic Plan is a primary means of embracing a more socially-responsive and responsible approach to higher education.

Goal One

Serve audiences through engagement with Unity College and its mission in response to clearly identified needs.
Objectives Objective areas could include: Learners | Clients | Consumers | Partners | Foundations | Investors/Donors

Goal Two

Establish Unity College as an Enterprise approach organization that serves as a new exemplar for private higher education.
Objectives Objective areas could include: Research & Development | Innovation | Financial Modeling & Budgeting | Strategy & Planning | Infrastructure | Policy & Documentation | Personnel | Organizational Leadership & Management | Evaluation & Assessment

Goal Three

Share the story of Unity College through powerful storytelling and inspiring thought-leadership.
Objectives Objective areas could include: Branding, Storytelling, Marketing | Internal & External Communication | Thought-Leadership | Communication Channels