Skills Development Workshops

CLC workshops are designed to help students develop and maintain skills such as building better techniques for taking notes, listening to and remembering classroom material, writing papers, taking examinations, and dealing with overall stress. CLC services are free to all students regardless of academic standing. 

Subject Tutoring

Faculty members and trained peer educators are available to help students with their coursework and assist with writing, studying for tests, understanding concepts, and developing improved study skills.


The mission of our writing tutoring is to connect writers with readers, to make good writers better writers, and to help people develop an awareness about themselves as writers that will continue beyond their visit to the CLC. To this end, we practice a collaborative approach to sessions, where writers and consultants engage in one-on-one conversations about writing—conversations that focus on shared knowledge and expertise, as opposed to hierarchical instruction that treats writing tutoring sessions as remediation. Understanding the CLC as a place where collaboration and shared knowledge guide our practices supports a view of writing tutoring that grants both writers and consultants authority, rather than consultants alone. This view is important because, in order to help people become better writers, we must encourage them to be in control of their writing and to actively participate in the tutoring session.