What printing options are available to students?

As part of the student technology fee, students are provided with a $50 printing credit each semester.  This printing credit does not accrue and is a “use it or lose it” credit.  Students can track print credit usage and purchase additional credits online using our PaperCut system.  Students can also upload documents to print from any device with a web browser using the “Web Print” capabilities of the PaperCut system.  Students can also print easily from Google Android/ChromeBook and Apple iOS devices (see the FAQ entry for titled “How can I print from my personal device?” for more info.)

How can I print from my personal device?

There are three methods available:

1) Web Print from any device with a web browser.  (No setup or drivers required.)

1) Save your document as a PDF or standard Office format.
2) Login to PaperCut, choose Web Print, and you will be guided through uploading your document and selecting your printer.

2) Print using Google Cloud Print.  (Limited setup, easy to use after configuring.)

1) On computers, it works best if you are logged into your Unity College Google Apps account using Google Chrome.  (Alternatively, you can link your personal Google Gmail account to your Unity College account using an email authentication process.)

2) To setup a Google Cloud Printer, you will need the link to one of our Google Cloud Printers.  These are published on UCommunicate / SharePoint here.

3) If you connect to the Google Cloud Print using your Unity College Google Apps account, your document will print shortly after sending a print job to it.  If you are using your personal Google account, the PaperCut system will email you at your personal address and ask you to authenticate with your Unity College account before printing your document.

3) Print directly from your Apple iOS device.  (Very easy to setup and use.)

1) Download the PaperCut iOS printing profile and install it on your Apple iOS device.

2) Find the “Printing” app installed in step 1 and enter your Unity College username and password.

3) Using the “upload” icon in your iOS application, select Print, and choose your printer from the list.  (You can send jobs to the printer without the app, but they will not print without installing the PaperCut application and authenticating with the print server.)

For more information, and the links for the Google Cloud Printers, log on and see this guide on UCommunicate / SharePoint.

What is the large format photo printer in the library capable of and how do I use it?

This printer is an HP DesignJet Z6200 with Postscript option.


\\print1\Lib-LargeFormat-PS3  (For PostScript printing – recommended for best quality)

\\print1\Lib-LargeFormat-HPGL2  (Alternate, non-PostScript driver)


Fast, high quality photo printing – up to 2400 x1200 DPI at up to 1,500 square feet per hour.

Printing on rolls from 11 inches to 42 inches wide and up to 150 feet long of the following mediums:

coated and bond papers for everyday prints, working comps and design proofs.

“every day” and professional satin and gloss photo papers for photo printing.

museum-quality and mid-grade artist canvas.

clear and backlit films and self-adhesive polypropylene films suitable for indoor POP displays, posters and banners.

indoor/outdoor adhesive vinyl suitable for suitable for event signage and vehicle or floor graphics.

durable tear-resistant matte polypropylene film suitable for indoor/outdoor applications.

Dupont Tyvek, opaqe scrim PVC and HDPE reinforced banner papers for durable indoor/outdoor signage.


Printing to the large format photo printer costs $1.50 per square inch on standard paper.

Departments can choose to purchase specialty paper rolls as needed – contact the Bookstore for additional information.


A number of fonts are installed and available for use on the large format photo printer. If you want to use a font that does not appear on this list, you must make sure that your application embeds the font information in the PostScript document that it generates; otherwise, your document may not print as you expect.

Page Size:

We recommend students use the PowerPoint templates available via the Library for all student conference posters.

To conserve paper for print jobs smaller than the 42″ paper width, we recommend selecting “Autorotate” from the “Features” menu.

For most posters, we recommend printing as standard ANSI ” E ” sized pages.  If you need something a bit smaller, look at the other ANSI standard size options first, before creating a custom size.

For custom sizes, note that the large format photo printer can print on rolled paper, up to 42″ wide, but it cannot print to the edges.  You should set your shorter dimension to be less than 41.5″. Your longer dimension can be several feet, for example 72″.  Most software applications have maximum page-size limitations to consider when designing your project.  If you want to print a poster larger than your software program allows, you can set the longer dimension to the maximum allowed value and then rescale the poster at print time. It is important to set the shorter dimension small enough so the rescaled poster will fit on the paper, i.e, rescaled dimension <= 41.5.

Custom Size Example:

You want to print a six-foot poster (72″) using PowerPoint, which has a page-size limitation of 56″.

Set PowerPoint page size to:

long dimension = 56 inches

short dimension = 41.5 * 56 / 72 = 32.25 inches

Print using a printer page size of:

long dimension = 56 * 72 / 56 = 72 inches

short dimension = 32.25 * 72 / 56 = 41.46 inches

Create your poster:
  • Using PowerPoint 2010, open a new document.
  • From the Design tab, choose Page Setup.
  • Enter your calculated poster dimensions.
  • Design / edit your poster.
Print your poster:
  • From the Office icon, select Print.
  • Select the “Lib-LargeFormat-PS3” printer from the printer list.
  • Select “Print Properties” and choose the correct document size from the Paper/Quality menu to match dimensions chosen above.