Network Account and Email Service

Each student receives a network account (username) and password providing access to Unity College computer systems, Internet, email and network storage. Google Apps for Education “Drive” and “Sites” services are also available through this account.

Computer Labs and Clusters

In addition to terminals provided in each residence hall, computer clusters and labs are located in the Library, Learning Resource Center, and in the Higgins Wing of the Activities Building. All computer labs and clusters are equipped with printing capability. See our hardware listing for more information on locations and availability.

Network Printing

Students are provided with a $50 printing credit per semester, which does not carry over between semesters.  Students can review their printing usage, see printer rates, upload documents to print, and purchase additional printing credits using our PaperCut system.

Internet Access

The campus network is partnered with NetworkMaine and connected to the MaineREN network, providing students with access to high-speed Internet and Internet2 connections for social and scholarly online pursuits. Each student may access the Internet from any public workstation on campus. Students with their own personal devices have access to the latest wireless network services, available in all campus buildings. In addition to wireless network service, wired data ports are also available in the residence hall (see below.) Students must configure each device for network access using our Unity College Guest wireless network before connecting to the secure Unity College wireless network.  For visiting guests, wireless Internet access is available through the department that is sponsoring your visit to campus.

Residence Hall Data Services

High-speed network connections are available in all residence hall rooms, allowing students to connect a myriad of devices to the Unity College network, including PCs, Macs, tablets, mobile phones, etc. Both wireless and wired services are available in all residence halls with the exception of the Cottages, which are wireless only.  Students must configure each device for network access using the instructions on our Unity College Guest network. To connect via a wire, students must provide an ethernet cable and wired interface.  To connect via wireless, students must provide a wireless interface. Ethernet cables may be purchased in the Unity College bookstore or any consumer electronics store. For your convenience, at least one terminal is provided in a common room of each residence hall (with the exception of TerraHaus and the Cottages.)

Phone Service

On-campus telephone extensions are not available. Students requiring voice services are encouraged to purchase mobile phone service via a local provider (Verizon Wireless, U.S. Cellular, AT&T, and T-Mobile connections are available throughout campus. Sprint’s network is not available.) Our experience indicates Verizon and U.S. Cellular offer the best wireless coverage in the area.

Cable TV

Time Warner cable TV services are provided in all residence hall rooms, with the exception of TerraHaus. To access this service, you will need a standard cable TV coaxial cable and a TV. (If you have an older television, you may need a coax cable adapter and you may not be able to get all channels.) Additional cables services (Digital TV, HBO, Disney, Pay-Per-View, etc.) may be ordered directly from Time Warner.

Alumni Services

Upon graduating, student accounts are converted to alumni accounts. Your email address will change from to All data stored in your Google Docs and Google Sites will move to the new alumni account. You will need to move any email messages or data stored on network servers to your alumni account in order to retain access to this data. Alumni can access their accounts by going to: