How do I know what classes I’ll be in for my first semester?

At Unity College, the Registrar’s office selects your first semester’s classes for you. This is done, in part, to ensure that you are in classes that will start you off on the right foot during your time at Unity.  This is normally done 3-4 weeks before you arrive on campus. You will receive an email, sent to your Unity email address, notifying you when your schedule is finalized.

You can view your schedule in your CAMS student portal.

What if I have a question about my schedule or think that I might be in a class that I won’t like?

Once your schedule is finalized, if you have a strong concern about your schedule please reach out to the Registrar’s office.  If there is a serious issue, we will work with you to resolve it. However; if you were placed into a class that you’re not sure you’ll like, we ask that you attend the first class and give it a shot. College is all about trying new things. After the first couple of days, if you want to change your schedule, you can do so working with your academic advisor or by going through your CAMS student portal. You will have until the end of the add/drop period to readjust your schedule.

I took some college courses while I was in high school, will the credits transfer?

A: If you took a course that was offered by a college or university, make sure that you contact the college and ask that the send an official copy of your transcript to Unity College. Having that class listed on your high school transcript, is not enough. We must have a college transcript before we can transfer that class over.

I took AP classes in high school, does Unity College accept Advanced Placement credits?

Unity does accept AP scores of a 3 or higher in all classes except for Biology. Students who tested in Biology are required to receive a score of 4 or higher for the credits to transfer in.  Unity normally receives the AP scores shortly after the 4th of July. Once we’ve received them from the College Board, we process them and send all students a letter verifying the results.

If you did not indicate that you wanted your scores sent to Unity College when you took your AP exam, you may have to contact the College Board and ask that they send your scores to Unity College.

Do I need to take a placement exam?

We ask that all incoming students take the English and math placement exam. The only exception is made for students who transfer in college equivalent math and/or English credits. All students should receive an email, sent to their Unity College email account, indicating what exam(s) you need to take.

If you have specific questions, concerning the exam, please contact the Registrar’s office directly.