AR 3883 Art Survey:  Maine to Manhattan 3 credits

Instructor: Deanna Witman

Dates: May 16-May 29, 2020

Travel Dates: May 19-May 25

On-Campus Dates: May 16-18; May 25-29

Cap: 12


This course will introduce students to the rich artistic resources of the northeast, from Maine to Manhattan. Students will directly experience local and internationally renowned art, artists and art institutions. This course will provide a survey of art and architecture through experience, reading, films, and writing. From the Renaissance to Post-Modernism, students will become familiar with major movements in art through research and site visits with travel to New York City, the Hudson Valley, NY and Maine. While in NYC, students will visit major institutions and the surrounding area such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of Art and surrounding High Line and Chelsea art galleries, the Brooklyn Museum of Art & Brooklyn Botanic Garden and surrounding galleries, as well as Dia Beacon in the Hudson Valley. Trips to galleries, museums and alternative art spaces in Portland and Rockland Maine and studio visits with artists will provide a regional contrast and context.

Tuition: $1770.00

On-Campus Room & Board: $600.00

Fee: $475.00

Non-refundable deposit of $250.00 due on January 17, 2020

Tuition and fees must be paid in full by May 1, 2020


CL 2883- Exploring National Parks/Refuges/Forest in Alaska (3 Credits)

Instructor: Lori Perez

Pre-requisites –  None

Dates: May 14th-15th remote, May 16th – 22nd Travel, May 23rd – June 3rd remote.

Cap 12

Description: This travel course will visit Denali National Park, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Kenai Fjords National Park and Chugach National Forest in Alaska to explore the differences between the agencies and how they operate.  Students will have an opportunity to meet with employees, biologist, rangers and law enforcement officers to understand the different positions that work together to achieve their mission. Students will have an opportunity to explore the federal lands by hiking in Chugach National Forest, wildlife viewing in Kenai NWR, view glaciers by boat in Kenai Fjords National Park and view wildlife waking up from a long winter in Denali National Park.

Tuition: $1770

Fee $1700 (Non-refundable deposit of $700 due by January 17th, 2020)

Tuition and Fee due in full by February 3, 2020


HU- 2883 The Art & Science of Fly Fishing (3 credits)

Instructor: Paul Guernsey

Dates: May 29 – June 4, 2020

Cap 10


Students in this three-credit Humanities course will learn all about the traditions, history, and culture of fly-fishing as well as the technical basics of freshwater fly-fishing, including rigging, knots, casting, fish behavior, aquatic conservation, insect identification, basic fly-tying, streamside etiquette, and safety. The class will take place over the course of a week at Trout Lake Lodge in Quebec (just 12 miles over the U.S. border from Coburn Gore). Time at the lodge will include intensive classroom and field instruction as well as morning and evening fishing on a private lake full of naturally reproducing, native brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis). The instructor is the former Editor & Associate Publisher of Fly Rod & Reel Magazine, as well as a graduate of Joan Wulff’s Fly Casting Instructor’s School.


Fee: $250

Students must supply their own Canadian Fishing License (approx.. $65.00) as well as a reel spooled with backing and a weight-forward floating fly line; 4-, 5-, or 6-weight fly rods are available for student use or students may elect to supply their own

Non-refundable deposit of $125 and a copy of your passport are due on February 1, 2020

Tuition and fees must be paid in full by May 1, 2020