A Park Ranger has one of the most fascinating careers. A degree in Parks and Forest Resources from Unity College allows you to be well on your way to realizing your dream. Take a look around this great country and you will see that the United States is filled with amazing National Parks and Monuments. From Acadia to Zion, the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island to the National Monuments in Washington, D.C., Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, and Yosemite National Parks are all treasures. Memories made on vacations at National Parks and Monuments last a lifetime. How would you like to visit a national park daily?

Sharing the Places that you Love

Atop the list of reasons why a Park Ranger is such a great profession is that you are able to share information with visitors from across the globe on what makes the specific park that you work in special. You get to share its origins, facts, and the role it plays in America’s history. Providing guests a great experience at a national park is something they will never forget. Few people forget the first time that they saw the Statue of Liberty or the Grand Canyon. Last year over 330,000,000 million people visited national parks.

Protect America’s Most Valuable Lands

Next, as someone who cares for the environment, you are protecting America’s most valuable lands. Imagine personally having a part in protecting the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore or Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park. You can share the ‘Leave No Trace’ philosophy. You can encourage visitors to recycle and leave only footprints – on established trails – and take only photos.

Encounter the World’s Greatest Animals

Being a Park Ranger allows you to encounter some of the most amazing animals in the world. From grizzly bears in Alaska’s Denali National Park to buffalo in Yellowstone, you ensure that these animals are safe from tourists that visit the park daily. Often, tourists try and feed the animals thinking that they might be hungry. As a ranger, you educate why feeding these animals is bad. You can also encourage tourists to shoot photos at a safe distance and how to secure food when camping. Tourists often make mistakes that cause animals to be aggressive, which can sometimes risk their lives.


Save Someone’s Life

Did you know that you could save a life? Rangers are often the first people called when someone is lost or injured on a trail. They are typically more familiar with the area than other first responders. Most also have extensive certifications and trainings used in life-saving situations.


Spend Your Days Outside in America’s Most Beautiful Lands

Imagine being able to work outside nearly every day of the year. A lot of people choose this profession for this reason alone. Rarely having to sit behind a computer in an office is a great perk. In many of America’s National Parks you can experience all four seasons. Park rangers are properly outfitted to thrive in all kinds of weather. From a large brimmed hat which provides protection from the sun to hiking boots so that they can easily ascend and descent every trail imaginable.


Really Cool College Classes

Finally, the last reason why being a Park Ranger is a really cool job is that the classes you take in college are experiential and exciting. At Unity College, America’s Environmental College, among the classes that you might take if majoring in Parks and Forest Resources are: Sustainability Management and Leadership, Sustainable Ecotourism, Visitor and Resource Protection, Interpretive Methods, Wildland Fire Management, and Science and Forests and Society.

Any of these reasons alone might be a good enough reason to become a Park Ranger! Is it too late to switch careers?