We will teach the following techniques and skills:

  • Canoe outfitting (parts of the canoe)
  • Canoe design and materials
  • PFD types and fit
  • Paddles:parts-design-materials, use, and holding the paddle correctly
  • Paddle signals and whistle
  • Dealing with boat traffic and larger vessels
  • Basic safety equipment
  • Entering and exiting a canoe
  • Strokes and maneuvers
  • Forward and Reverse
  • Sweeps: Forward and Reverse
  • Draw strokes: To the hip, Bow Draw-Stern Draw
  • Pry/push away (Combining Draws and Pry’s for abeam movement)
  • Forward/backstroke, rudder, J-Stroke, cross bow draw
  • Switch position in canoe while on the water
  • T-Rescue review and other rescues (All students must complete to pass Level I)
  • Using Throw rope: carrying, packing and use
  • Cold water immersion, hypothermia, and treatment
  • The 4 “W”s: water, wind, waves, and weather, and how they affect the canoeist
  • Risk management strategies for canoeing






Unity College Campus classroom and local ponds


Unity College: $65
Non-Unity College: $75