The Master Educator Course provides participants with a comprehensive training in Leave No Trace skills and ethics, through practical application in a field-based setting.  You will learn Leave No Trace techniques through skits, discussions, and hands-on activities. To practice Leave No Trace teaching strategies in a supportive, educational environment, each participant will teach a short session focused on the seven Leave No Trace principles.  This training will be a five day backpacking trip.  All participants must come prepared for backpacking and able to carry a 50lb pack. Successful graduates of the Master Educator course have the ability to train others in Leave No Trace skills and ethics. Master Educators can conduct Leave No Trace Trainer courses (two-day) and Awareness Workshops (one-day or shorter). Participants to complete a Master Educator Course receive a one-year membership to Leave No Trace. This membership gives new Master Educators better access to teaching resources, as well as closer contact with the Center for education, training, and outreach questions. More information go to






Overnight backpacking trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire


Unity College: $480
Non-Unity College: $600


Eric DeLucia




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