This course is designed for those who have the foundational skills of the challenge course operation and would like to increase knowledge by advancing in their technical skills. We will focus on the topics below:

  • Overview of high element equipment, knot tying, belay teams, and spotting
  • Review maintenance of gear and equipment
    • Installation equipment and tensile strength of equipment
  • Practice using various belay techniques and devices
  • Practice set-up and take-down procedures for Challenge Courses
  • Practice self-belaying techniques
    • Orientation to gear and equipment such as: S.A.F.E.R.S., figure eights, Gri Gri, and other self-belay equipment.
    • Understand gear retrieval–simple and complex
    • Practice descending methods such as self-belay and rappelling
  • Practice skills and techniques necessary for various rescues situations
    • Belay escapes and transfer weighted and un-weighted
    • Cutaway Rescues
  • Review Standard Operating Procedures (SOP, and Local Operating Procedures for Challenge Courses
    • Review industry standards (State and ACCT standards)
  • Risk management and emergency action plan procedures for Challenge Course

High Woods – Challenge Course Gear, Equipment, Skills, and Techniques (G.E.S.T.)


Previous belay experience or Belay certified at Unity College’s Willard Climbing Wall




Unity College High Woods Challenge Course


Unity College students: $150
Non-Unity College students: $300


Jessica Steele and Rebecca Fisher


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