In this four hour course, learn how to respond to health emergencies and provide basic first aid for the four-legged members of your family. Practice and preparation will help you be calm and effective in an emergency, protecting you and your animal from further injury or suffering. You will receive either a Dog or Cat Fist Aid book and DVD. American Red Cross offers this as a participation course not a certification course.
By the end of training participants will be able to understand the following:

• Review pet first aid and emergency preparedness kit.
• Explain what to do in the event of a disaster that requires evacuation.
• Understand the normal physical condition, behaviors and habits of their cat or dog.
• Identify a normal heart and pulse rate, breathing rate and body temperature for cats and dogs.
• Safely approach an ill or injured cat or dog.
• Safely capture and restrain a cat.
• Safely muzzle a dog.
• Check a cat or dog that appears to be having a first aid emergency.
• Check an unconscious cat or dog for breathing and cardiac emergencies.
• Rescue breathing to a cat or dog.
• CPR on a cat or dog.






Koons Hall 201


Unity College: $50
Non-Unity College: $60


Jessica Steele
Adam Williams

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