This is a class designed to introduce future Warden Candidates to the activities and enforcement skills needed to become an effective Game Warden.  Students will actively participate in activities that Wardens around the country routinely work in.  Classes will not focus on preparing students to answer oral board questions.  The class however will allow students to gain confidence in the activities tied to everyday Warden Work through their participation in the skill covered each week. Students will interact with a variety of instructors that are passionate about their activities and experts in their fields.  The purpose is to learn the basics in an outdoor class setting, and then individually expand their skills in these specific areas on their own.  After each class of activity a discussion of enforcement and patrol techniques will take place.  We believe students will become more well-rounded and in doing so will become a better Warden Candidate and develop skills to enjoy for years to come.

Class instructors will be Sgt Chris Simmons and Warden Aaron Cross who combined have 40 years experience as Game Wardens.




Spring 2020
(Jan. 27 – May 4) | 4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.


Koons Hall 203 and trips to local areas


Unity College $600
Non-Unity College: $700




Stg. Chris Simmons
Warden Aaron Cross