Samantha McGarrigle

Effects of seasonal changes on the movements and home ranges of Moose (Alces alces) in Somerset County, Maine: An analysis using the Brownian Bridge Movement Model

Sixty cow and calf Moose (Alces alces) were collared with GPS-collars in the end of January 2014 in Somerset County, Maine. The primary focus of this study was to use the location information of the thirty surviving moose and compare their summer and winter home ranges to determine if there was a difference in the vegetation types they were using. Using compositional analysis and selection ratios, four comparisons were made: winter 50% home range to winter 90% home range, summer 50% to summer 90%, winter 50% to summer 50% and summer 50% to winter 50%. Each of the compositional analysis showed that the moose did show different rankings of the vegetation types, as the p-values calculated were all below the alpha value of 0.05. As for the selection ratios, only one comparison was determined to be significantly in the vegetation type selection. The summer 50% home range compared to the summer 90% home range showed that agriculture was the preferred vegetation cover.

Samantha McGarrigle is a 2015 Holt Scholar.