Sharing knowledge and resources

Unity College offers degrees through two schools, which organize majors into programs. Through this organizational structure, students are able to easily connect with faculty and other students in related programs—and faculty are better able to share knowledge and resources.

One-on-one mentoring makes the learning experience at Unity unique.

The School of Environmental Citizenship


Environmental Literacy Program

The environmental literacy program emphasizes communication and innovative thinking, training students to effectively solve tough problems and raise awareness of environmental challenges.


Learning and Behavioral Health Program

The learning and behavioral health program uses hands-on, experiential learning techniques to train students for practice as engaged and environmentally aware professionals in a variety of fields.


Earth Sciences Program

The earth sciences program pairs students with community partners to address difficult environmental problems. Through the development and application of real-life measures, they work together to implement solutions that protect and sustain our natural and social worlds.


The School of Biodiversity Conservation

Ecology and Management Program

The ecology and management program focuses on the study and preservation of biodiversity in all types of habitats—marine, terrestrial, and freshwater.


Conservation Law Enforcement Program

The conservation law enforcement program prepares students to teach and enforce land-use.


Captive Wildlife Care and Education Program

The captive wildlife care and education program prepares students to teach and enforce land-use.


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