Our programs emphasize the crucial dynamics of biodiversity—loss of biodiversity affects our food sources, our medicines, our ability to combat disease, our raw materials for industry, and our overall sense of being. By providing essential scientific knowledge of the physical and life sciences, we ensure our students learn to effectively address issues of biodiversity in all types of habitats.

Embracing a Broad Science Foundation

Students enrolled in the school of biodiversity conservation degree programs learn field and lab techniques—as well as the math, computer, writing, and reasoning skills that are the hallmark of a quality liberal arts education.

The school allows students to choose an academic path that supports their personal interests, while supplying them with a broad education that opens various options for rewarding future careers.

Developing Biological Science Expertise

As a graduate of one of our school of biodiversity conservation programs, students will not only be experienced in the concepts and skills underlying the biological sciences but will be able to apply this knowledge to actual methods of conservation.

Our rigorous academics provide students with the lifelong learning skills and perspectives they need to become productive field biologists or exceptional candidates for graduate studies.

Biodiversity Careers

Career options for graduates of our biodiversity conservation programs:

  • Aquarium Biologists
  • Conservation Biologists
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Field Biologists
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Land-Use Planners
  • Nature Guides and Instructors
  • Researchers

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