Common internal parasite categories such as protozoa, helminths such as roundworms, flatworms and tapeworms as well as ectoparasites will be covered. Anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, life-cycles, diagnosis and treatment topics for each parasite will be addressed. Potential zoonoses and public health concerns shall be discussed as applicable. The lab component will provide students a hands-on experience to detect and identify common parasite species discussed in the lecture portion. It shall include the opportunity to participate in and develop practice performing commonly utilized diagnostic tests seen in clinical practice.

BI 3882:  Wildlife Parasitology (2 credits)
Instructor: Dr. Robert Adamski
Prerequisites: BI2304 Cell Biology
Dates: January 2 -10, 2020
Class Size: 16

Fee: $75 (Non-refundable Deposit of $75 Due November 18, 2018)
Tuition and Fee due in full by December 18, 2019

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