Mourning - Deanna WitmanAnthotypes

In celebration of the bicentennial of the birth of Henry David Thoreau’s, “We Might Climb A Tree, At Least” (Thoreau) the Maine Museum of Photographic Arts invited artists to commemorate the occasion. These anthotypes are photographs created from various plant products such as wild foraged huckleberries and Maine blueberries, or from onion skins. The plant remnants are used to create an emulsion which is hand-applied to a piece of fine printmaking paper, and exposed in the sun for long durations of time.

Auric Object Deanna WitmanSupercluster Arion and Other Phenomena

Over the course of two years, I obsessively worked with common slugs directly on silver photographic paper. The process involved nightly slug hunting trips into the woods, followed by late night darkroom sessions. (No slugs were harmed in the making of the images). The marks you see, whether from the slug trails, or slugs eating the gelatin of the paper, or records of their bodies, each interaction produced visible results. These micro environments mirror the larger macrocosm of stars and galaxies, prompting us to seek connections between systems and worlds.