Some recent projects and interests include:

Ben Potter MuralMural in Rockland ME

This large painting derived from a pattern of foam in a local stream. This effort was made possible through an artist residency with the Ellis-Beauregard Foundation and with help from the Maine Center for Contemporary Art and Hamilton Marine corporation.

Ben Potter Gravel PitPaintings and drawings from the landscape

I have a long-term fascination with patterns in the land. This image is an abstraction of a gravel pit used for road building. I exhibit my work in galleries, museums and other venues, and work with students to introduce them to the working of the contemporary art world. 

Ada and her SkullNon-traditional materials

I use materials such as plastic, soot, pollen and ash in order to evoke connotations that enhance and complicate the work. The picture of my daughter is made from discarded plastic grocery bags, and the yellow sculpture is coated in pollen that was gathered from a local cattail marsh. A huge variety of materials are employed in the contemporary practice of art, and I work with students to understand this language.