Authors: Nick Koltai, Eliza McGarr, Kate Donovan, Levi Bageant, Aleesa Dietz

Title: Fostering Maine’s Working Waterfront

Traditionally, Seniors in the Fisheries/Wildlife Management major work on a Community Based Project with a partner to gain field related experiences under the guidance of state or federal partners. Initially, our group focused on a DMR project which was ultimately not possible to complete. Therefore, our group was forced to audible. We saw an opportunity and decided to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic by helping out a ME’s commercial fishing industry. Our group contributed to establishing a non-profit, United Fishermen Foundation (UFF). We created a website using Squarespace which would serve as the primary marketing tool for UFF and worked hard to develop content and tools that would displayed and utilized by UFF.  We plan to provide the URL for our submission so those attending the UC Student Conference can check out our work!

Class/Faculty Info: Wildlife Conservation Capstone, Aly McKnight