Author: Ashley Bega

Title: UBR: Uplifting our community

UBR was looking for new design ideas to reinvent their current logo. UBR is all about bringing the community of Waldo County together and through this message they wanted it relayed into a logo that was fresh, new, and depicts this. In creating this idea, I drew hands holding two people because helping hands is what can bring a community together. The hands uphold its members in the promise to be there for them and help them through their many programs they offer. The two people are high giving and holding UBR up because communities work together and uphold UBR’s message true. If we all come together as one, we can’t fail in the things we can do. This is why I created this logo to hopefully inspire UBR in their journey to recreating their vision.

Class/Faculty: AR 2103 Art Explorations: Foundations in Digital Design / Deanna Witman