To receive  F-1 Visa, complete the following steps:

1. Send a copy of the information page of your passport to Unity College. Make sure your passport is valid. The expiration date should be at least six months after you plan to enter the US. Applying for a passport may take several weeks.

2. After you have submitted all applications materials, received the acceptance of admission letter from Unity College and have paid the $2500.00 deposit, we will send you the I-20 form in the mail. Please read all the information carefully and make sure that your name and your date of birth are the same as on your passport.

3. Pay the SEVIS fee. The fee can be paid by the student or by a third party inside or outside the US. The simplest way is to pay online with a credit card on the US Immigration and Customs Student and Exchange Visitor Program website (SEVIS). Log onto this website and follow the instructions. Print a copy of your receipt.

4. Apply for the F-1 visa at the nearest US embassy or consulate.

Schedule an appointment for an interview.

Be aware that it may take few weeks to schedule an appointment. To apply for a visa, submit the following documents to the Embassy or Consulate:

1. Application fee (check for the fee amount)

2. Confirmation page of online submitted Form DS-160 with CEAC bar code

3. One photograph (2 inches square or 51×51 mm) showing full face without head covering

4. Valid passport with an expiration date no later than 6 months after you will enter the US

5. Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant F-1 Student Status which is your I-20 form from Unity College

6. Acceptance of Admission letter from Unity College

7. Your Receipt or online proof of SEVIS Fee payment, Form I-797

8. Declaration of Finances and Proof of Support to verify your financial status. You must have proof that you have the financial support to pay in advance for an entire year of study.

Practice answering questions in English about your visa application, your educational plans, your plans in the US and after you return home before your interview. You must demonstrate to the consul at the Embassy that your English is proficient enough to be successful at Unity College. Be positive and respond to questions in a clear, concise way.

If your visa is denied, ask for the reason for the denial in writing if possible. You may reapply.  For more information or to find answers to your questions, visit: